How this all began...

A co-owner of Tanks For 5 was researching online for a lip balm which not only tasted good, but was super moisturizing as well (as you know, stuck in an air-conditioned room for practically the whole day does NOT do your skin and lips any good).

Lo and behold, she was pleasantly surprised that there was a brand out there, who not only fulfilled her lip balm requirements, but greatly surpassed them too! She went ahead and bought some (ok, 30 pieces for personal use!) and fell head over heels IN LOVE with the balms!

From then on, she vowed to share this marvel product with everyone she knew.

2 months after her initial encounter, Tanks For 5 is now an official distributor of My Lip Stuff lip balms in Malaysia!

As such, we will be retaining the email tanksfor5@gmail.com for orders of My Lip Stuff balms, to enable ease of transaction for buyers who would like to combine orders of tanks and balms.