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"Yeay!!! I just read a blog about a lip balm called My Lip Stuff and i found out that they have a shop next to my office but the shop is a guy clothes shop... i was hesitate to go in at first....moreover the shop is at 2nd floor.....yikes.... but since i wanted to try it so much.... so went there straight up and luckily nothing happen :D

You can read about the My Lip Stuff info from this Link.......

So this is what i bought.... wanted to buy other flavor but i have sensitive lip... so have to try one first before make a big haul on it. I bought the My Lip Stuff in Cookies N Cream.....

Dang.... I think it's about time for me to get my own camera or maybe auto focus phone camera....

Sorry for the poor quality of pictures... I'm using the phone camera and it doesn't have any auto focus.... it seem to focus on everything behind it... sorry

The lip balm is seal with the same sticker that cover the lip balm tube container... "Twist cap to break the seal"

Since I have no auto focus phone camera so I'm going to write it down here.... (My phone is ding dong like me hahahah :D )

My Lip Stuff - Cookies & Cream

Natural Lip Balm

The finest natural butters & oils blended to create

the ultimate lip moisturizer for kissably soft lips.

Over 400 Flavors of Natural Lip Balm

& Skin, Earth & Animal Friendly Products by

My Lip Stuff

21002 Robinsonville RD., Lewes, DE 19958

Ingredients: Sunflower Oil, Beeswax, Cocoa Butter,

Sweet Almond Oil, Castor Oil, Jojoba Oil,

Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera, Essential &/ Flavor Oil

Net WT. .12oz

No, it's not like the Baskin Robins Cookies N cream kindda texture color..... :p

It's a clear lip balm

It smell just like cookies n cream.... i read the review from the website.... they said smell like oreo.... emmm i was sniffing looking for the oreo scent but can't seem to find it... i can smell cookies n cream baskin robins ice cream.... (must be craving for BR ice cream)

I haven't try it yet coz just bought it during lunch time... and i still have my nude YSL lipstick on... :p

I'm just so excited and i can't wait to try it.... so i smack it up a little while ago.... guess what!!! love love and heart it so much.... :)

I have sensitive lip.... and i try to avoid lip balm, lip condition or lip treatment coz it's a nightmare when it starts to chap n crack... trust me... been there for 1/2 a year..... gosh my worst nightmare....

But then since i read alot of good reviews... and found out it's just next door so i went up to their shop and purchased it. The smell makes me feels like cookies Famous Amos hehehehe, one star gain. When i put it on my lips, it doesn't sting (usually if i want to know whether it suitable or not with my lips, it will straight away sting like a bee and have this burning sensation) another one stars there.... it doesn't feel like a balm with thick texture like i always experience hence it's like a gloss. Ting ting add another stars.... then i tried to put on my lipstick. Guess what??? It glide on smoothly another stars..... yeay!!!! Earlier i noticed that i ruin my lipstick with my dry lips.... "OH MY YSL"... I was so surprised that it works miracle and fast once i put MLS on my lips together with my lipstick without ruining it..... Thanks to MLS!!!! muah muah!!!

Would i repurchase it??? oh yes!!!!

I will do a full review on it once i tried it and ask my fiancee to kiss me since it's written there it's kissably hehehe....

It's RM12 per tube in Malaysia while It's only $2.20 in US i think. Yikes... don't you just hate it when it's convert to RM... well i do.... it is expensive for a tube of lip balm but i read alot of rave good review about it. To me.... it's totally worth it!!! Buy one and try it on.... Trust me you'll love it.... just like MLS said "Serious lip care with a fun flair"

If you are Malaysian, you can check this website to purchase it....."

Review Credits: Pink Dalina


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