Shamrock Shake Review: Beauty with a Caramel Twist

Beauty with a Caramel Twist has very kindly submitted a review of Shamrock Shake! Thanks so much, it's greatly appreciated! ;)
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*shortened to only flavour review*

"Recently, I stumbled upon Xin's review of her latest favorite lip balm, and I'm sold. I immediately ordered one for myself, and never regretted the purchase.

My Lip Stuff is a homemade, natural lipbalm made from only the finest butters, oils, & beeswax.
Just like the drink. Peppermint & Vanilla Ice Cream. --

The Shamrock Shake lip balm really smell like the real thing! No kidding. Upon applicate, I immediately noticed the peppermint smell, then comes the tingle with a very faint hint of vanilla to it. It's not overly sweet and definitely no artificial smell either. It's a colorless and tasteless lip balm, and has a fairly good staying power. With constant water sipping and coffee drinking, I only need to reapply every 2 hours.

This would be the first lip balm that I've stick with for more than a month. I love how it makes my lips so so soft. And I just love the peppermint and vanilla scent. Yummy! I definitely recommend this to anyone who loves anything peppermint."

Review Credits: Beauty with a Caramel Twist


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