Margarita & Jalapeno Review: Steffie Law

A HUGE thank you to customer Steffie Law, for submitting a review of two of the flavours she bought! Click here for the review!

Note: I've cropped the review to the balms only.

"The Highlight of the day...
...goes to the brand new Lip balms I got from My Lip Stuff Malaysia blog..

Pfft...girls and their lip balms...

Seriously...the balms are the BOMB!!

They are the cutest and awesomest things that I've bought last week!!!
Both very interesting flavours which I HAD to try...

*pictures from MyLipStuffMalaysia*

Already the name of the flavours are intriguing and makes you wanna grab all the flavous, right?

The best part if the quality of these lip balms are absolutely great!
So natural and moisturizing that you'll just be addicted to it!

If I'm not mistake, one of the ingredients is beeswax which is a huge plus...maybe that's one of the reason why your lips will look all glamorously glossy at first application!

Margarita definitely has a very strong smell..limey indeed and really smells like the drink itself...

Jalapeno really lives up to its name and makes a perfect prank to others as well..
Yes, I prank people with this awesome lippie...within the first 3 minutes upon application, you won't feel anything but after that, WOW!! you'll be looking at me with that 'why you do this to me?!' face...a.k.a. the kelian face...


Review Credits: Steffie Law


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