Key Lime Pie Review: Peep into Fashion!

Our good friend Wei Ni from Peep Boutique has so very kindly reviewed another flavour for us, Key Lime Pie! We love her reviews, so many people have commented how helpful and descriptive they are! She has ordered quite a few other balms from my new batch, watch out for her review on those!! :)
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*shortened to only flavour review*

"Personally for me, I have never had a Key Lime Pie so I didn’t know quite what to expect. So when I applied this on my lips, it definitely took me awhile to get used to the flavour! I’m not quite sure how to describe the flavour to you, but letting my BFF try it she says it reminds her of that Candy from long ago called Nano Nano. Do you guys remember it? If you don’t, here’s a photo of it.
Ring any bells yet?
So yes, while personally I do like this candy, I wasn’t that much a fan of the flavour Key Lime Pie. I personally do prefer Dog Poop, while my BFF being not a fan of coffee insists that Key Lime Pie is better! So with this flavour I guess it is pretty much up to individual taste, I will tell you that is rather limey, citrusy and tangy, so if you love flavours like that, you will definitely love Key Lime Pie. Sad to say, not for me though. "

Review Credits: Peep into Fashion


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