Shamrock Shake Review: Le3nuts.shopper

A huge thanks to Le3nutes.shopper for the great review on our balms, and in particular, Shamrock Shake!
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*shortened to only flavour review*

"As promised and advertised, the balm glides very smoothly over my lips (I fell in love with the first glide!). The smell of peppermint and vanilla is obvious but not in a bad way. The smell blends very nicely and gave me a soothing and refreshing feeling. There is a bit of a tingly and minty feeling from the peppermint and the balm is quite tasteless. I would have loved it if it were sweetened with a little bit of stevia (blame it on my sweet tooth sickness!). The soothing smell and tingly sensation dissipates after about 30 minutes later. The balm leaves a nice sheen over my lips making them look wet and smooth.

My verdict: I find that the balm in indeed very moisturizing and it lasts quite a long time without the need for reapplying. But I do reapply quite often just to smell the heavenly scent and feel the smoothness of the balm gliding over my lips. You should try it. It's really addictive! The sheen of wetness doesn't hurt either. This balm is going to be a favourite. I would definitely purchase this balm again!"

Review Credits: Le3nuts.shopper


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