Sex on the Beach & Rootbeer Float Review: Valerie

Our customer, Valerie, submitted a review via email! :) We've decided to give it a post rather than add it to each individual flavour review:

Guess what daddy brought into my room this Wesak Morning? He brought a package for me. My Lip Stuff Lip Balms finally arrived. This time, I ordered Sex On The Beach and Berry Berry. Previously, I ordered Rootbeer Float and Peaches N Cream which I gave to mummy. She loves it and even commented that it's better than Kiehl's Lip Balm/Lip Treatment. I on the other hand loved the Rootbeer Float scent. It smelled like Rootbeer with Vanilla Ice Cream. I even carried it along when I traveled to Thailand for the recent Thailand Rally Championship.

Sex On The Beach smells just like the drink. It's SO yummy and it makes me feel a notch sexier. =P Very good moisturizing lip balms. A very good buy. I can't wait to try Berry Berry. This lip balms should be in every girl's purse for that sexy, soft and smooth pucker.
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