Description: HOT!! Just like the pepper! Most probably the cheapest lip plumper you can find!

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

 - "It's HOT. As in, if you like your lips your tongue burns and goes numb! It plumps your lips too!!"
by LuAnn, rating 5/5

- "OMG. True to its name. The color of the balm is an intimidating light orange color (makes me think they put loads of jalapeno oil inside!). At first you feel nothing on your lips once you slather it on but a minute later the tingling will start to kick in, and 5 minutes later you're begging to wipe it off!
I thought I could handle it so I applied a really thick layer. Boy, was I sorry. It smells faintly like pickled jalapenos. My lips definitely plumped up, and my cheeks were flushed. Nice!"

by Caryn, rating 5/5

- "Jalapeno Lip Balm is the best (and cheapest) lip plumper you can buy! No flavor, but it turns your lips a great shade of blush as the heat from the balm spreads, and then your lips swell up for a perfect pout. Not for the feint of heart, mind you...it is as spicy as the biggest jalpeno you've ever eaten. But if you're like me and you take your Mexican food extra hot and your lips extra bee stung, this one is for you!"
by Suzanne, rating 5/5


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