Passionfruit-Orange-Guava and Rainbow Sherbet Review: Whey Jinn

Once I posted the review from Kimberley, I realized there was another review from Whey Jinn from Dress 2 Dazzle which I missed! Once again, do let me know if you want me to remove this post, yeah? :)
Note: Once again, so sorry that your balms got wet! :( Due to your experience, I'm now packaging all balms in plastic baggies! Thanks for giving me your feedback!

"My Lip Stuff


I found this amazingly attractive lip balm tubes selling online, and best thing is the seller is from Malaysia. Its called My Lip Stuff. I think it's from US and the founder and owner of this brand loves the environment so much that she drives a hybrid car. (She posted it on her website!) The products that she makes are all environmental friendly.

They are made using natural butters and oils. There are over 500 flavours, but I can't find the list of them. It's really nice and a bit glossy as well. Really moisturizes my lips. :D

I'm currently using the Rainbow Sherbet flavour and I'm loving it. I always buy a tube of lip balm but end up not using it, but i've been applying this lip balm every day! The Passion Fruit-Orange-Guava flavour isn't very nice though. The fruits just don't go well together. But this is just my preference. :)

Hoping the blogshop that's selling it will bring more flavours! She has about 20 only, I think.

Selling at RM12 each only! So worth it compared to buying those mentholatum Lip Ice blablabla in pharmacies.

The wordings on the tubes are actually all different colours depending which flavour you choose. My parcel got wet I think so thats why the ink all mixed together or something. Thank god it didn't ruin my lip balms. :p"

Review Credit: Whey Jinn


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