Rootbeer Float Review: Pretty Beautiful

Pretty Beautiful has reviewed our Rootbeer Float Balm! Thanks so much! :)
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"Last year, I reviewed a Lychee lip balm from My Lip Stuff, this time, I chose my all-time-favorite flavor!

my lip stuff in rootbeer float

Presenting - Rootbeer Float My Lip Stuff lip balm!

Does the word Rootbeer Float remind you of the A&W rootbeer? It certainly does to me!

Now, with this, you can get the taste of Rootbeer without additional fats!

My Lip Stuff lip balms are hand made, skin-earth-animal friendly natural lip balms, available in more than 500 flavors. The best moisturizing lip balm on the planet, plus with the wide range of flavors, you’re sure to find one that suits you!

my lip stuff in rootbeer float

The tube was sealed to make sure that it is brand new and fresh.

Untwisting the cap and the white lip balm is revealed.

It lasts for more than 3 hours for me with one application with regular drinking and eating. So through out the whole day, I only need to apply 3x. But I am using more than that before I am really addicted to sniffing the lip balm!

Rootbeer float. Ahh creamy and fizzy.

There is nothing bad I can say about this balm. I love it! Now, we can get it locally from My Lip Stuff Malaysia @ RM12 excluding shipping.

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Review Credits: Pretty Beautiful


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