Peppermint Chocolate Review: Red Luscious Lips

A huge thank you to Red Luscious Lips for reviewing our Peppermint Chocolate balm! :)
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"Just trying: My Lip Stuff lip balm in Peppermint Chocolate

Sounds delicious, eh?

Like most natural lip balms that don’t contain wax, the balm goes on oily-smooth, and feels like you have an oily layer on – so my first impression of it wasn’t too great. But the oiliness goes off after a while, and now, I can’t get enough of this stuff!

It’s a really good product – and does what it says it will do. I especially love using it at night, because I’ll wake up to supple lips all ready for any onslaught, especially from my matte lipsticks. Nars? No problems, MAC Mattes? Easy!

Yep, the biggest difference I find, other than no more chapped lips, is that my usually unforgiving matte lipsticks are now easier to apply, and doesn’t suck the moisture out of my lips the way they’d normally do. But don’t apply matte lippies right after this balm, because it leaves a very obvious sheen on lips.

Now, the most obvious question – does it really taste or smell of Peppermint Chocolate? Sorry, ladies – not to me. The scent is obvious the minute you apply the balm, but as quickly as you’re enticed by the hint of delicious chocolate-mint, that makes you want to inhale more, it disappears - rather quickly, to my disappointment.

Still, this factor has not stopped me from falling in love with the lip balm, and I’m looking forward to trying out more from My Lip Stuff.

There are more than 500 of these flavoured natural lip balms available, from the yummy (Cookies and Cream), to the wacky (Jalapeno) to even the most bizarre – Cat Pee! (You can read Kahani’s review of Cat Pee here)

Each tube of lip balm is priced at RM12, excluding shipping, and the range is available at

* A quick shout-out to Cynthia of My Lip Stuff Malaysia for the introduction and the free balm to try! "

Review Credits: Red Luscious Lips


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