Cat Pee Review: So Loverly

Kahani from So Loverly has written her review on Cat Pee, thanks dear! :)
Cat Pee review, click here!

"Yes isn't it AWFUL? I admit I absolutely loathe the image I'll be pasting something over that cat's ass. I mean that's not even where cats pee FROM.

But I don't hate the balm, nosiree. Nope the balm is wonderful. A lovely citrus cocktail that smells like a more lemony-limey 7up. Unlike the other flavours by My Lip Stuff I've tried it doesn't taste sweet at all. Faintly citrusy, but not much in the flavour department which is fine.

I also think they've reformulated the balm because this one's firmer, more emollient - you feel like it's staying on rather than a faint film of oil just smeared around. I think it's also a touch more hardy in our weather I may roadtest this one in my handbag. Right now it's sitting on my desk as something refreshing to use in moments of writer's block.

If you're looking for a great affordable (only RM12) [edited NOT vegan, contains BEESWAX] and organic lipbalm and love citrus flavours... and can ignore that wretched lable... Cat Pee is the balm for you.

Thanks to Cynthia of My Lip Stuff Malaysia for the recommendation and the free balm to try! I doubt I'd ever have brought myself to buy it without her, now I'll likely repurchase.

Review Credits: So Loverly


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