Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry Shortcake Review: Samantha

Our customer, Samantha, reviewed Cookies and Cream, and Strawberry Shortcake! Thanks so much, and do let me know if you need me to take this post down!
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*shortened to just the flavour review*

"I only tried on Strawberry Shortcake for the time being. My verdict?

Very smooth! It glided on my lips SMOOTHLY! seriously..ah-may-ziing! I am not too crazy about the smell though. It smells strawberry and cake mixed together. Exactly how everyone have raved about. But the scent was faint. Well for me it is. Still yummy though.

But Cookies & Cream totally made up for the Strawberry Shortcake's ummm.... lost of scent?

It is something that I can't stop sneaking a few sniffs. It smells exactly like my favourite ice-cream flavour. This scent is really easy to pick up. I mean, if you would have blindfolded me and let me take a sniff, I would actually believe that there is a big bowl of Cookies & Cream ice-cream right in front of me.

I am not sure what the texture is like but by the looks of it, I assume the texture would be like Strawberry Shortcake."

Review Credits: Samantha


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