Dog Poop Review: Peep into Fashion

Our good friend, Wei Ni, from Peep Boutique gave Dog Poop a try and has reviewed it! Thanks so much, we think you're review's great ;)
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*shortened to the flavour review*

"Dog Pop described as a yummy blend of Caramel & Coffee.
And boy does it deliver! The scent and flavour of this balm is absolutely delicious! I really gotta agree with Cynthia on this one, it’s literally like sipping a cup of Caramel Macchiato from Starbucks! Yum! Delicious! If you love coffee, you betcha that you’re gonna love this flavour!

Though of course, there are some people who will find the scent a little too strong (like my BF, what does he know about lip balms). But for me, I find that the scent is just right. It’s neither too strong nor too light. It’s definitely a good pick me up! I love how delicious the scent is, makes me wanna lick my lips all day! And if something is gonna be under your nose all day, heck! It should very well smell good!

For the texture of this balm, my BF finds it a tad greasy. Not the case for me though, I’ve tried a lot of lip balms and I find that it isn’t greasy at all! It’s in fact better than a lot of other balms out there. Especially when there are so many silly little greasy lip balms that the moment you take a sip of water you gotta reapply again! Not to mention, how some of them will just seem to slide off and disappear!

With this balm, I can actually take a shower and afterwards the lip balm is still on my lips keeping it smooth and moist. But of course, I didn’t choose to apply it and shower, it was more of an accident. I applied the lip balm, realised I had to go out in an hour and proceeded to shower. So there we go. An accidental experiment. And hey! It was worth it too! Who woulda thought that lip balms can last you through a shower! Not I!"

Review Credits: Peep into Fashion


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