Cookies & Cream Review: Pinky Plue

Plue from Pinky Plue has very kindly reviewed Cookies & Cream! Thanks so much! :)
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*shortened to include only flavour review*

"Oh wait, unlike Pink Grapefruit, which left a sweet sugary taste when I lick my lips (bad move I know!), this Cookies & Cream left a funky aftertaste if I lick my lips. A bit plastic-ky, if I may say so. A bit of a turn off, but not that bad, I tasted lipbalms that is like 10x worse than this and smells horrible too!

And you will love the glossy sheen it leaves! It glossy sheen beats quite a lot of colourless glosses out there! :D

Oh I haven’t mention about it’s awesome smell! I can’t stop taking a whiff of this lipbalm because it smells so much like Famous Amos Cookies or Oreos!! Really, those warm chocolate cookie taste, it actually made me want to run to the nearest Famous Amos and grab me some real cookies! Well, Oreos are awesome too!

Now, I wanna go grab me some cookies for breakfast, anyone joining me?"

Review Credits: Pinky Plue

Note: The sweet taste when you lick your lips after applying the balm is only applicable to Stevia Sweetened balms :)


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