Pink Cake Review: Your Shopping Kaki

Sha-Lene from Your Shopping Kaki has very kindly reviewed Pink Cake! Thanks so much, it's really appreciated! :)
Click here for the review!

*shortened to only flavour review*

"My personal take on this "Pink Cake" flavour: Yummy! :D
Glides on your lips easily, giving off a healthy, light sheen that glosses over any flaws or cracks!
Smells like lollipops, lemonade and sugary goodness, but not too strong a smell either -
but there's no taste, except for a very faint hint of mild sugar :D
Lick your lips with no fears, shopping kaki! :P
Do I like it? I love it! :D

Your lip balm will also come very nicely bubble-wrapped and sealed! :D"

Review Credits: Your Shopping Kaki


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