Orange Creamsicle Review: My Women Stuff

Paris B from My Women Stuff has so very kindly reviewed Orange Creamsicle! :)
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*shortened to only the flavour review*

"Orange Creamsicle smells like freshly squeezed oranges. Lovely sweet sharp citrus orange smell. It even tastes like oranges. In fact, it tastes just like the Trebor Orange Sherbet sweets! Remember those? Tangy orange sweets with fizzy sherbet in the middle? I looked high and low all over KL to buy these to take a picture but you know what? I couldn’t find it anywhere! Is this sweet discontinued? What a pity if it is :("

"If you’d like a lipbalm that slicks on easily and leaves lips feeling smooth and soft all day, and you like flavoured lip balm, give My Lip Stuff a try. With 36 flavours available locally and at RM12/tube its not too bad; plus you could satisfy your dessert craving without piling on the pounds :P

Pros: Affordable, Keeps lips soft and kissable (!), Many unique flavours to choose from

Cons: Too sweet for me"

Review Credits: My Women Stuff


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