Cookies & Cream Review: Angel of Love

We have a Cookies & Cream review, courtesy of Anne from Angel of Love! Thanks so much, dear!
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*shortened to only flavour review*

"The lipbalm glides smoothly on the lips when you applied it and the first that will comes to your mind when u smell it is the famous cookie,"Oreo"..yummy..

Although the taste might not be appealing as its smell,but it really does moisturise the lips and give a sheen and glossy finish. Below is the picture of before & after I applied the lipbalm on:

*see how glossy my lips looks after I applied the lipbalm on*

Overall, My Lip Stuff is definitely the best in lipbalm i ever tried so far. It just cost RM12 per tube (for me,it's a reasonable price since it's imported from US) and made out of natural ingredients. It also doesn't dried out my lips and give my lips a glossy finish that I desired without the use of lipgloss ;)"

Review Credits: Angel of Love


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