Lavender and Pink Cake Review: Peep into Fashion

Our good friend Wei Ni, from Peep Boutique is back with another great review! We hope her series of reviews help you guys in deciding which flavours are best for you :) We love how descriptive she is!
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*shortened to only flavour reviews*

"Let me just say this, I do like the scent of lavender, I find it very calming and soothing. I love it as a shampoo and body wash, as well as a scent for my room. But as a lipbalm, well… it was an interesting first impression. It’s not that the whole thing is unpleasant, the scent is really calming and soothing and it is EXACTLY like Lavender. Personally, I have nothing against that. I will tell you this though, the first time I applied it, it’s as if I can taste the Lavender on my tongue which I don’t like. However, the next few times I applied it there was no more taste of lavender and it’s just a beautiful soothing scent! Which I am very glad for! :)

This balm I would say is absolutely perfect for night time! Especially when you’re just getting ready to head to bed, all you have to do apply this very quickly on your lips and you’re good to sleep! It’s kinda like a 2 in 1. You don’t need to get scented satchels for your pillow anymore, all you gotta do is just apply this before you sleep and you’ll be smelling it’s soothing scent all night long. :)"

Pink Cake
"Let me tell you this, at first when I heard the name and saw the description I was rather skeptical about it. But since Cynthia assured me that this balm is really good, I decided ah, what the heck, just give it a go! And boy am I glad I did!

When I first opened this balm, I was actually recovering from a sore throat and as a result, scent and taste were all screwed up and blocked. So when I applied the balm I couldn’t smell or taste anything. Once my flu cleared up, I gave this balm another shot and loved it instantly!

This balm is literally like biting into a piece of Vanilla Cupcake and then licking the yummy Strawberry Icing of your lips. It’s totally delish! I seriously can’t stop licking my lips every time I apply this balm! Hmm, that could be why this balm is depleting so fast! Apply. Lick. Reapply. Lick. Reapply… You get the idea. :)
In the description, it says it has a lemon flavour to it, but personally for me I didn’t taste the lemon at all! Just a really yummy Vanilla Cupcake with really yummy Strawberry Frosting! Mmm, mmm good! Cupcake fix anyone? :)

I actually like that it is Stevia Sweetened because when I lick my lips, I don’t really get this empty, flavourless taste but a nice yummy cakey taste instead! The scent of Pink Cake isn’t too overpowering and with the help of the sweetener it is literally like eating cake! Gosh, I keep licking my lips when I put on this balm! It is that tasty! How I wish Coconut Cream Pie was sweetened as well! I wonder if it’ll be better! "

Wei Ni has reviewed 8 flavours so far, so here's the list of her favourites so far, soon to be updated as she adds more reviews :

8. Honey
7. Iced Tea & Lemonade
6. Lavender
5. Key Lime Pie
4. Dog Poop
3. Monkey Farts
2. Coconut Cream Pie
1. Pink Cake

Her reviews on Cat Pee and Berry Berry will be next! :)

Review Credits: Peep into Fashion


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