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Wei Ni is back with a new review this time! :) She's reviewed both Honey and Monkey Farts! So kind of her, makes me think I should be paying her to be an official reviewer :p
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*shortened to only flavour review*

"Opening it up and sniffing it, the smell wasn’t very strong. Applying it on my lips, well if you’ve ever tasted honey, that is exactly what this balm tastes like. Just imagine taking a tiny amount of honey and applying it on your lips and that’s what it is exactly. When I lick my lips, it does have a faint honey flavour as well.

So overall, this balm isn’t too special or different or interesting, it really is just. like. honey. But then when the description said “Smells just like fresh Honey.” I should have known and just taken it’s word. Because it is JUST like honey. Hahahaha I really cannot think of any other ways to express how much like the real HONEY this balm is!

The scent and flavour isn’t unpleasant, and I wouldn’t exactly call it bland either. It literally is just like honey. :) However, I must add that this flavour seems to last longer than the other flavours that I’ve used (Dog Poop, Key Lime Pie, Iced Tea & Lemonade, Coconut Cream Pie).

If you’re looking for a simple lipbalm that doesn’t have complex flavours, this is the one for you! Though my first impression of it wasn’t a positive one, it is not a negative one either. But with continuous use of this balm, I would say that this balm is highly recommended for Honey Lovers only! The scent just becomes a little too strong for my taste!"

Monkey Farts
"Taking a whiff of the balm, I must say it smelt delicious! Applying in on my lips, it is YUMMY! It tastes pretty much like bubblegum with just a slight hint of vanilla. And I am very much glad that the Banana and Grapefruit scent isn’t strong! In fact, the only thing I could pretty much taste from this balm is the Bubblegum-ness. That is definitely the strongest and most apparent flavour from the balm.

I would say that the closest description to this flavour is either Bubble Pearl Milk Tea in either Honeydew or Champagne flavour or Gumballs!

You know those Gumballs that are in a machine and you put it 50 cents and you get a nice big round Gumball? That is pretty much what this balm tastes like. The Gumball flavour of it I am glad to say isn’t too put-offing. It is in fact quite yummy. It is pretty much like chewing on a gumball minus the cramped jaw!

For Pop, she says that this balm reminds her strongly of the Honeydew or Champagne flavoured Pearl Milk Tea, and because she is OBSESSED with honeydews she likes this balm too! Though we both have to agree and admit that we like Coconut Cream Pie better!

Repurchase? I would have to say 80-90% YES! "

We just had to point this part out, Wei Ni actually COMBINED some of the flavours together!

"Now that you’ve read what I said about Honey & Monkey Farts. One must wonder what does it taste like together. So of course I must go and try. I put a light layer of Monkey Farts first, and then a slightly thicker layer of Honey. I must say that the combination is quite pleasant! So when you lick your lips you get a small taste of bubblegum & vanilla from Monkey Farts and a light scent of Honey. Yum! Oh, but do note that if you put 2 layers some might find the whole thing a tad too greasy, so just lightly coat both layers instead to get the mix of flavours! :)

Okay, so after doing that combination I just had to wipe it off and apply a layer of Iced Tea & Lemonade, then another layer of Honey. And YUM! The Iced Tea becomes a little less bland and has a lovely Honey scent and flavour to it! Though when you lick your lips, it still has that Iced Tea flavour which I don’t quite like, but at least I’ve found a way to use up my Iced Tea & Lemonade! ;) GO me! And for some unknown reason, after applying the honey over Iced Tea & Lemonade my lips felt a little tingly. Kinda like when you apply LipIce? But just very slightly and very briefly. It wasn’t unpleasant, just surprising. But then that could be just me. :)"

Review Credits: Peep into Fashion


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