Shamrock Shake Review: Aisha

Thanks to our customer, Aisha, for reviewing Shamrock Shake! :)
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"My Lip Stuff is a US brand of lip stuff. They have over 400 flavors of lipbalm, even...BACON. Mmmm. This one here is Shamrock Shake. I have no idea what it is, but it's a vanilla and peppermint combo. Nyum. It's a smoother glide than lipice, and better moisturising properties than Body Shop lip balms. The only downside is the smell disappears faster than most.

This is my first online blogshop purchase (kolot I know but postage v expensive). The next flavor to try will be Pancakes and Syrup, definitely! Mmm.

Much thanks to Cynthia for bringing these stuff in from the US! Only RM 12 per tube of lipbalm."

Review Credits: Aisha


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