Peppermint Chocolate, Rainbow Sherbet, Monkey Farts, Rootbeer Float Review: Angeline

A huge thanks to our customer, Angeline, for reviewing the mentioned flavours! It's very much appreciated! :)
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"I bought Peppermint Chocolate, Rootbeer Float, Monkey Farts and Rainbow Sherbet.

I've got to say, Peppermint Chocolate is my least favourite one among all, just because it smells a bit weird. o_o In fact, it kinda smells like coffee to me haha. But after using it a few times, it wasn't as bad as it smells. When you apply it only you can smell the chocolate, but it doesn't have any chocolate flavour, it taste minty instead haha. :P

As for my favourite, it would be Rainbow Sherbet. Rather tasteless, but smells too damn nice. From the reviews I saw, it's supposed to smells like skittles. But I personally think it have this fizzy like lime smell instead, which I love to bits! :D

Rootbeer Float is my second favourite. I personally love drinking rootbeer so yeah. :P Smells just like rootbeer with vanilla ice cream. And it also have this slight foamy vanilla ice cream taste, just like in the drink itself! But it will go away after you lick your lips, sadly. :(

Monkey Farts to me actually smells like those scented erasers that I used to love collecting when I was younger. :P But after sniffing it (haha trust me its addictive) for quite some time, it actually smells like banana and bubblegum. :P So its not bad, cute name too. x)

However, although the smell may be intriguing, I was a bit disappointed because the lip balms were rather tasteless. :( I was hoping for those that have sweet taste or whatsoever. Oh well, I shall get my hands on those lip balms with Stevia sweetened, soon. >D

You can get these My Lip Stuff lip balms (a brand famous in US) here in Malaysia @ My Lip Stuff Malaysia for RM12 a tube.

Go crazy. ;)"

Review Credits: Angeline


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