Cat Pee and Berry Berry Review: Peep into Fashion

Wei Ni is back with a review of another two flavours! :) Do check it out, her reviews are always so descriptive and informative!
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Cat Pee
"Yes, I know that the name and the image is a little off putting. But please, don’t be discouraged by either the name or the image because it has absolutely nothing to do with how wonderful this lip balm tastes!

Taking a deep inhale of the balm, I would say that it definitely say that it has a scent of lemon, lime, slight orange and maybe just a mild hint of pink grapefruit. The ingredients though it doesn’t sound interesting is actually really wonderfully put together. It has just the right amount of lemon & lime to give it that tangy taste and just the right amount of orange for that wonderful hint of citrus.

I am not quite sure what’s the best way to describe this balm, but I think the closest description for it would be that it pretty much tastes like either 7up or Sprite. All the yummy, tangy, citrusy goodness without the fizzy calories! :) This balm is definitely a favourite of mine & Cynthia’s! Licking my lips, it is possible for me to taste just a hint of the balm. Honestly, I cannot describe how much I like this balm. Cat Pee is definitely on the top of my list along with Coconut Cream Pie & Pink Cake! "

Berry Berry

"Prior to opening this balm up, I decided to hold it up against my nose for a quick whiff. And I must say, I definitely liked what I smelt. :)

As I hurriedly opened up this balm, and applied it on my lips, I loved it instantly! It totally reminds me of one of my favourite candies!

Yummy, delicious snake sweets! Or as the Aussies like to call them, lollies! This is exactly what this balm tastes like! To be exact, I would say that it tastes like the Grape flavour of these snake sweets. Which happens to be my favourite! :) All the yummy, gummy goodness without the yummy, gummy calories. I like!

This balm is the perfect blend of berries, it’s got strawberry, raspberry, blueberry and so much more! The best part of this flavour is that neither of the berries are too overpowering, in fact they just blend together so well that it’s just a beautiful collage of berries. It is truly delish! And because this balm is so sinfully sweet & fruity, they are perfect if you’d like a break from your deliciously sweet and creamy lip balms. After all, variety is the spice of life! So if you’re looking for a fruity and berrylicious lip balm this is definitely the one for you! :)"

Review Credits: Peep into Fashion


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