Butt Naked and Cat Pee Review: Shopping roll

This review was posted sometime in October, but I totally missed it! Thanks sooo much to Shopping Roll! :)

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*shortened to only flavour reviews*

"Butt Naked
Description : Butt Naked is a refreshing mix of green apple, honeydew, & spicy pear.
__Light and refreshing, just nice for a smack on the lips in the morning!
__A nice combination of apple and melon, with a slight hint of spicy pear.
__And that suddenly reminds me of Each A Cup Bubble Tea and I don't know why!
__It works fine, but it surely couldn't win this awesome flavour below!

Cat Pee
Description: A funny name- but a yummy blend of pink grapefruit, orange, & lime.

__So I've finally got this hot-selling item of theirs - Cat Pee!
__My favourite so far, also the personal favourite out of all flavours of Cynthia! ;)
__Very delicious balm here with hints of lemon, lime and citrus!
__If you're a fan of 7up, Sprite, Kickapoo, you will totally love this to bits!
__Pretty much addicted to this one that I couldn't just stop applying it on my lips
__for that slight hint of fizzy drinks, and even accidentally lick it at times! ;)

__These lipbalms do work as a great moisturizing lip balm,
__glides on my lips well, and even gave a nice shine on my lips too!
__Definitely worth every single cent that you're paying for!"

Review Credits: Shopping Roll


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