Truffles Review: Wanie

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"I bought a lipbalm online! It's a lipbalm from MyLipStuff. I read about it in CLEO magazine. I'm not the type of person who buys cosmetics online but don't know why I made an exception for this one.. And I didn't regret buying it at all!

The lipbalm is superduperfreakingawesome! Mine is in truffles flavor.
The lipbalm is amazingly superdupermoisturizing and superduperyummy!
With just one application, my lips feel very moisturized and it lasts for a very long time, unlike any other lipbalm I've tried before.
And the smell, oh gawd, is very enticing.
I had to restrain myself from eating the whole tube.
And it's smell, I don't know how to explain the smell but it smells very yummy, just like a pecan truffle cheesecake. Nyahaha.. They have tons of flavor, like hundreds of them! I'm going to buy another one, Vanilla Caramel perhaps?"

Review Credits: Wanie


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