Use Smells to Curb those Cravings!

We know My Lip Stuff lip balms are super moisturizing - many of our customers have given that feedback. But what we also found out as a recurring trend, which we would love to share with you today, is that the scent of the balms actually help you curb those cravings for sinful, sugary sweet foods, which are packed with calories!

We did a bit of research as to why this is, and came across many sites stating that there are theories that by satiating your scent of taste, you can trick your brain into thinking that you are full, and reduce your cravings for the actual food!

How does this work? As we know, the sense of smell and taste are linked. Food tastes different (or we can't taste at all) when we have a blocked nose due to a cold, which proves that a large part of what we are actually "tasting", in actual fact, we are "smelling".

By "smelling" the food that you're craving, your brain would process that you have already "tasted" it too!

So feel free to indulge on My Lip Stuff balms in a variety of scents. Just RM12 for a tube - which lasts approximately 3 months with constant usage - and imagine the savings you'll have from cutting down on those treats, and essentially trimming the waistline too!

Furthermore, let's not forget the effects from aromatherapy! Great for de-stressing!

Here are the links to two of the articles, one of them mentions that the scent of Vanilla tricks your mind into thinking you've had something sweet! Enjoy! :)

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