Cookies and Cream, Gummy Bear, Monkey Farts, Raspberry Lemonade Review: Shafiya

A huge thank you goes out to our customer, Shafiya, for submitting her balm reviews! We really appreciate it! :)
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*shortened to only flavour reviews*

"Cookies and Creams
OMG this is my absolute fav! It smells good and definitely taste good! It has that Oreo feeling to it and I love Oreos! :D Awesome awesome awesome!
6/5 (because it really is that good!)

Gummy Bears
This. Is. EXACTLY like gummy bear! Its perfect perfect perfect! :D

Raspberry Lemonade
The name speaks for itself. Great scent, great flavour. Raspberry and lemon never taste so good together :D

Monkey Farts
The name is SO CUTE! At first when I smell it it didn't smell THAT good. But then after I applied it is not bad, not bad AT ALL! Plus points for cute name and that cute monkey butt picture! :D

Review Credits: Shafiya


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