Pink Cake & Margarita Review: Kimberly

A huge thanks to our customer, Kimberly, for submitting these reviews! :)
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"Pink Cake: Yum! Lick your lips and there you get (mostly) the taste of vanilla frosting on top of a cupcake! A hint of a swirl of strawberry flavour too. The taste kinda reminds me of the rainbow sprinkles that I used to love on my ice cream as a kid. Not too sweet and overpowering either!

Rating: 4/5

Margarita: My favourite alcoholic beverage on occasions! Lime, sweet rum, tequila and salt on the rim. This lip balm has that slight salty kick that I just love, just like when I lick the salt off the rim of the glass ;) For a flavourful, tangy lip balm - I would definitely suggest this flavour!

Rating: 5/5"

Review Credits: Kimberly


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