Pancakes & Syrup, Cat Pee, Gummy Bear Review: Cheeserland

We've been reviewed by Cheeserland! :)
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Shortened to only the flavour reviews:

"Pancakes and Syrup: Zomg this one is like super realistic every time i apply this balm it’s like i’m really having pancakes topped with syrup, except that it’s 0 calorie #fuckyea.jpg

Cat Pee: Ordered this out of curiosity cuz i was all who the hell applies kitty urine on their lips?! Turns out it’s just the color that maybe in some way resemble its title and it smells awesomely citrusy!

Gummy Bear: Gummy bear was my fav!!! It has this really intoxicating fruity smell that i couldn’t figured out. In the end i Iyvene sniff the lip balm and she figured it was cherry. Love love love it!"

Review Credits: Cheeserland


sugar sugar said...

pancakes & syrup sound amazing! :3

tanksfor5 said...

It is, it's one of my personal favourites too ;)

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