After Dinner Mint Review: Ezra Mei-En Chua

One of our consolation prize winners from our balmy give away has written a review on one of her balms. We've posted up her entry photo here because it's cute, creative, and she managed to get 320 votes in 24 hours! :)

Here's her review!

"Alrighty! So I received the goodies that I've won from My Lip Stuff's "Contest #1" and the first tube that I opened was the "After Dinner Mint" :9

I have to say, it won't be everyone's cup of tea, as not everyone is a fan of mint BUT I pretty much loved it. It sort of tasted like those little mints you'd get when you'd follow your parents to the salon as a kid, and the really nice lady working there would pass you a whole handful of those mints in ol' school sweetie wrappers. I SWEAR, it tastes (or smells?) just like 'em! Using this flavor of lip balm brought back a sense of nostalgia :3 So if you enjoy those buttery mint sweets or if you're pretty much craseee for mint chocolate chip ice-cream, this flavor would be absolutely yummers!

As a first time user of My Lip Stuff's balms, I didn't really know what to expect (texture wise) and I basically smeared a good chunk of the balm all over my face -.- word of advise - apply the lip balm gently!! It gives you a really nice clear gloss over your lips as well after application, so you're basically killing two birds with one stone when you use My Lip Stuff's balms! And with "After Dinner Mint", there's a subtle hint of menthol, which I find extremely RAD, cos it leaves your lips feeling FRESH FOR SOME CRUNKIN' :p

So there's my review! I hope it helps those itching to try My Lip Stuff's balms!

Chapped no more,
Ezra Mei-En Chua :)"


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