Cookies and Cream, Monkey Farts, Margarita, Nighttime Review: Swee Li

A huge thanks to our customer, Swee Li for the review!

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*Shortened to only the flavour reviews*

"Cookies & Cream : K so this one basically smells like Oreo. Sometimes, I smell chocolate cookies and vanilla. Same thing.

Margarita : Never tasted the drink, but this is salty. Can’t really smell the vodka tho. This is the one which is familiar, but idk how to describe it. Lololol.

Monkey Farts : This is the strongest scented one I think. My package smelt like this when it came (Ofc I opened every tube to sniff them to figure it out. Lol) So this has strong bubblegum scents. With all the mixtures of other scents they used. So its not really overwhelming but still so good. :D

Nighttime : Was quite skeptical with this one cuz of the Aromatherapy thing. Nothing ever works. Lolol. So the smell is like, slight orange with rose and lavender blended? Will need some time to get use to the scent but its not bad at all. Idk if it put me to sleep. But since, I read the reviews, that it calms the mind, I guess I already have the mindset that it will. So it did. Haha."

Review Credits: Swee Li


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