Limited Edition Holiday Balm Reviews: Peep into Fashion

Our good friend Wei Ni from Peep Boutique is back with more reviews, this time of the limited edition balms!

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*shortened to only flavour reviews*

"Mint Chip Cheesecake:
I must say that I love this balm! I love how it’s got a distinct delicious cheesecake flavour to it that’s incredibly rich and creamy, topped with a very mild chocolate scent coupled with a wonderful minty scent that leaves a tingly sensation on your lips. It’s so good you wonder why you can’t just take a bite out of it! Great for people who love mint & cheesecakes!

Eggnog Ice Cream:
Having never really had eggnog before, -save the time where me & my BFF attempted to make our very own eggnog- I really did not quite know what to expect from this lip balm. Taking a whiff from the balm, it’s got a nice cinnamon scent that’s slightly coffee-ish, and an overall creamy flavour. It’s sweet with a mild vanilla flavour, rich and creamy from the sweetened milk. It’s essentially a very creamy, milky lip balm. Definitely worth having if you love cream, ice cream, milk & cinnamon! :)

Festival of Lights:
As this is something I’ve never had before, I really did not know quite what to expect with this Funnel Cake lip balm flavour. I would say that it reminds me of the Vanilla version of Pink Cake. Equally yummy but not quite as cakey as Pink Cake. It’s got a wonderful vanilla flavour, with a rich powdered sugar scent & a sweet cakey scent to it as well. It basically feels like taking a bite into a fried Vanilla cake & licking all the vanilla icing sugar off it! Sinful & sweet.
It’s stevia sweetened so you can’t help but keep licking it off your lips!

Mad Scientist:
Out of the 4 balms, this has to be one of the lightest and most refreshing of the lot. It’s got a strong peppermint scent & flavour that leaves a tingle on your lips. I know the description says watermelon, but I get a more honeydew scent & flavour to it. It’s incredibly light, feels wonderfully refreshing & fruity, while it may seem like an odd combo this really is a great pick me up lip balm! If you love mint, and you’re not too crazy about rich, creamy lip balms this would be a great one to add to your collection. :)"

Review Credits: Peep into Fashion


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