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Wei Ni from Peep Boutique is back with another review, this time for our unflavoured glitter balm, Tinsel!

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"As you can see from the photos, the lip balm is exactly like all of My Lip Stuff’s balm. It comes uncoloured & slightly transparent. The only difference between these and the other balms are the added glitter & the fact that it’s unscented & unflavoured. While you may have a light whiff of natural scent from all the natural ingredients in the balm, it goes off pretty quickly & if you lick your lips you’ll probably be able to taste a light natural flavour which we think comes from all the natural oils. 

The glitters on the balms are very faint & hardly noticeable at all. For some reason, we find that the glitters which are in beautiful shades of blue & green comes off better on our skin than on our lips. When we put it on our lips, the hint of glitter is very slight but because the balm already has a glossy sheen to it, the glitters help add a very natural shimmer to your lips. Definitely a shimmer that is subtle enough to be worn to work/school.

We love how this balm doesn’t sacrifice moisture just for a little hint of glitter. So opt to wear this lip balm alone, or over your usual lipstick for an added kick of moisture to your lips along with a subtle hint of pretty glitter.  

Because we do find that the glitter comes out better on skin, you can probably dab a little on it on your cheekbones to give it a slight shimmery glow. The glossy sheen of the balm will also give a slight dewiness to your cheeks as well, making you look instantly fresh & alive."

Review Credits: Peep into Fashion


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