Banana Cream Pie

Description: Banana, Cream, and Vanilla blended to make this version of the popular pie.

Note from Ms. Tanks For 5: Just like Coconut Cream Pie, this one is an MLS super seller, and a must get, especially if you already have Coconut Cream Pie! No kidding ;)

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- "OMG!!!! Dead on!!!! Most of Brea's balms are great and are very accurate, and there's some that just blow you away because they are PERFECT! This is another one of those perfect balms. I have to remind myself it isn't food and I can't (or shouldn't) eat it, lol!"
by Kelly, rating 5/5

- "Yum. This one smells good, reminds me of..well...a banana cream pie! There's more banana than the actually pie, but with a balm this good, it doesn't really matter! This is one of my favorite lip balms."
by Misty, rating 5/5

- "This balm is heaven! Bananas mixed with a vanilla cream. How could it get any better? From the tube, I smell mostly banana. But once I put it on, I get the full affect of a true Banana Cream Pie. A must-have balm!"
by Rebecca, rating 5/5


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