Candy Cane

Just like a real candy cane!
This was supposed to be a limited edition holiday balm- but we had so many requests- we decided to keep it around permanently!

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- "Yep, exactly like a Candy Cane! The reviews don't lie - this is one of the best balms I have gotten. It's so refreshing and festive at the same time. There is also a slight freshness to your lips after applying. I will definitely be ordering this one again."
by Erica, rating 5/5

- "SO INSANELY EXACT omg. no more needs to be said. :p this balm is PERFECT. smells EXACTLY like a candy cane and has a bit of sweetness, as candy canes do."
by Ashley, rating 5/5

- "Santa needs to take notes from MLS on their recipe for this flavor/scent. Theirs is way better than Santas by far. Buy this lip balm in quantities.....lot of quantities!!!"
by Susan, rating 5/5

Malaysian Reviews
- "Nice one. It smells like candy cane itself :) Anyway, there's a slight minty taste on the lips after being applied. Definitely a buy-again lip balm :D"
by Nur Sofia, rating 5/5


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