Description: This is more of a lipstick flavor, with notes of black currant, raspberry, jasmine, orange blossom, and woody violets. Flowery, fruity, and very French.

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- " Absolutely love it. Very light and floral scent, not too sweet at all! A very sophisticated and happy feel-good balm!"
by Layla, rating 5/5

- "one of my faves so far.
this is floraly and fruity and just a gorgeous scent.
perfect for spring and summer and a nice compliment to many of my perfume oils!
i find myself smelling my lips a lot when i have this one on."
by Erin, rating 5/5

- "This one's great because I pick up the different notes each time I use it. First, it was very fruity. Then, when I used it again, I picked up a mostly jasmine smell. This one is a great, relaxing scent. Love it."
by Lee, rating 5/5


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