Orange Creamsicle

Description: Orange, Cream, and a hint of vanilla make up our version of this popular ice cream. Another staff favorite!

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- "Wow! How does she do it? This is JUST like the real thing. A perfect blend of orange and creamy vanilla."
by Vanessa, rating 5/5

- "Just amazing, and one of the yummiest MLS flavors I've tried. It reminds me of the Flintstones Push Pops orange flavor, which I love. I also adore the fact that if you lick your lips with this one you'll also taste it! Not to mention, I noticed when I wear this my boyfriend kisses me and says "mmm" much more, so that's a big plus :D"
by Stephanie, rating 5/5

- "This is one of my favorites. I love My Lip Stuff balms. They are the best lip balms I have ever used and I am an addict. I will never use another kind again."
by Carrie, rating 5/5


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