Cookies and Cream

Description: Chocolate Cookies mixed with yummy cream and just a hint of vanilla. Just like the ice cream!

Note from Ms. Tanks For 5: Seriously. First thing that comes to mind: OREOS!!! :)

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- "Oreos! Hahh very nice smelling lip balm, definitely a buy again!"
by Samantha, rating 5/5

- " I didn't think it could be done but this one is just like a real Oreo! A must-have, you can smell the crunchy chocolate cookies and the sweet vanilla cream."
by Danielle, rating 5/5

- "This is awesome!!! It wasn't really what I was expecting when I opened it, but it's still great and does smell like Oreo (especially after you put it on)"
by Nikki, rating 5/5

Malaysian Reviews:
- "
I just bought it today during lunch time after I've read review and this website and found out that it's just a few doors from my office. I'm just so excited and i can't wait to try it.... so i smack it up a little while ago.... guess what!!! love love and heart it so much.... :)

I have sensitive lip.... and i try to avoid lip balm, lip condition or lip treatment coz it's a nightmare when it starts to chap n crack... trust me... been there for 1/2 a year..... gosh my worst nightmare....

But then since i read alot of good reviews... and found out it's just next door so i went up to their shop and purchased it. The smell makes me feels like cookies hehehehe, one star gain. When i put it on my lips, it doesn't sting (usually if i want to know whether it suitable or not with my lips, it will straight away sting like a bee and have this burning sensation) another one stars there.... it doesn't feel like a balm with thick texture like i always experience hence it's like a gloss. Ting ting add another stars.... then i tried to put on my lipstick. Guess what??? It glide on smoothly another stars..... yeay!!!! Earlier i noticed that i ruin my lipstick with my dry lips.... "OH MY YSL"... I was so surprised that it works miracle and fast once i put MLS on my lips together with my lipstick without ruining it..... Thanks to MLS!!!! muah muah!!!

Would i repurchase it??? oh yes!!!!"by Princess, rating 5/5

- "
OMG how can something SO little taste SO delicious! I absolutely loved it! It Boldwas love at first smell and taste! Everytime i have this on, i literally have to refrain myself from licking them off my lips!

Great tasting and awesome smelling! Glides on with ease and stays on.

Will most definitely repurchase! Thanks for bringing this to our shores girls!"by Laveena, rating 5/5

- "
It smells just like the ice cream! A mild balm; it's not 'sweet' like mango sorbet, but imo it's much better."by Christine

"I was randomly choosing flavours, and decided on this one because of the good reviews. Boy, am I glad I did. It's utterly delicious. It smells as though I'm eating chocolate cookies dipped in creamy vanilla ice-cream, but without the calories :) It smells so good, that even my cat thought it was food. He came to sniff my lips and licked them :p If cats think it's something to be eaten, and cats do have a good sense of smell, then you can be sure your lips would smell simply delectable."
by Hazlin

"Cookies and cream! Get it? I mean the smell is just like the real thing! I just can't resist the urge of licking it of my lips :D Yup, definitely going to buy this one again."
by Nur Sofia, rating 5/5


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