Dog Poop

Description: A funny name- but a yummy blend of Caramel and Coffee.

Note from Ms. Tanks For 5: Don't let the name phase you! It's all in your mind, I can assure you :) Personally, this is similar to my fave Starbucks drink - Caramel Macchiato!! Yums! :)

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- "this balm is slightly tinted light brown (cute, but don't worry, won't show up on lips) and the scent is amazing for anyone who loves coffee. the scent of coffee was very strong, but not in a bad way... almost like walking into a lush coffee shop that happens to make and sell chocolate caramels as well. for these lip balms, the scent on your lips or skin is different than the scent right out of the tube. reminds me of drinking one of those caramel chocolate mocha coffee drinks. but better somehow. sweeter maybe?"
by Eugenia, rating 5/5

- " This is a really good caramel/coffee flavor. The warm and sweet caramel makes a great addition to the boring coffee base. It almost smells like it could be some kind of candy (like coffee-flavored Milk Duds?). Recommended to people who love sweet, caramel-y flavors."
by Alisha, rating 5/5

- "I got this one as spooky dooky at Halloween. But it's really yummy. I usually hate coffee, but I had to try this one. It actually smells like coffee, caramel & a hint of coconut to me. Really nice."
by Megan, rating 5/5 

Malaysian Reviews
"This was my first choice because of the awesome coffee and caramel combo. And I was not let down. It definitely was a good blend of both, and it reminds me of a nice cup of coffee topped with whipped cream and caramel. Utterly sinful. Don't let the name put you off, you won't regret this flavour. Recommended for coffee lovers".
by Hazlin

- "
This one is definitely a big LOVE to me!!
the texture is smooth and moist enough, and the scent is just so super-duper-yummy!! the pooing doggy pic on it is also a main reason makes me bought it :D
for me the flavor is very toffee-like, and sure i will buy other flavor from here in the future!! <333"
by Chia Chee, rating 5/5


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