Mango Sorbet

Description: A yummy blend of mango, raspberry, and lemon!

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- " I love this balm! I could immediately smell the mango and lemon but the raspberry snuck up on me after I put it on my lips!! YUMMY!!"
by Noelle, rating 5/5

- "my first MLS balm! i love love love this balm so much and i use it everyday without fail, to give my dry lips a wonderful treat! the scent is sweet but not overpowering, very dessert-like. love it :)"
by Shiyun, rating 5/5

- " This balm is so wonderful to use. It smells so great. The mango is really the dominating flavour. I am really happy with this balm."
by Melissa, rating 5/5 

Malaysian Reviews
- "
I'm not sure about this one; contrary to the reviews, I'd say the raspberry scent and lemon scent are much stronger than mango. A definite plus is that it not only smells sweet, it -tastes- slightly sweet as well, while the others seem tasteless (though this should be the case, right? Lip balm is not meant for consumption >3<;;). It does not remind me of mangoes, but it has fruity and sweet smell. Would not repurchase it though." by Christine


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