Pancakes and Syrup

Description: Yummy buttery pancakes topped with Maple Syrup! Stevia sweetened.

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- " This is one of my all time favorites! Just enough syrup!"
by Sara, rating 5/5

- "Amazing, i love love love this balm...I can smell the sweet maple syrup and even a hit of pancake! This is definitely a buy again!"
by Samantha, rating 5/5

- "This is my FAVORITE balm! I love it so much, it smells so realistic. I'm not a huge fan of eating pancakes (yet I love the smell of them) and it makes me want pancakes. Even my boyfriend said it makes him crave pancakes ha. Awesome balm, every MLS collection should have Pancakes and Syrup in it!"
by Tiffany, rating 5/5
Malaysian Reviews
- "I was shocked at how moist it really is. Must be the natural butters and oils. I think that gives it the slightly glossy effect as well. The smell for this one is lasting and pretty strong as it was the only one I could smell without opening the safety seal. But it's just like the real thing! I feel there's syrup on my lips, but tasteless. Hehe. And funny thing is, it doesn't make me crave for pancakes."by Kimberley

ohmigosh! ok, i don't know where to start or how to tell you, LOL!
i want you to know that i love love love Pancakes and Syrup!
*btw, the other lipbalm in Monkey Farts was my sister's and she's not at home to try it yet so i'll just tell you what i think about Pancakes & Syrup ok*
well, after i tried it, i immediately tweet about it on twitter.
and i also attached some print screen for you to see.
and i'd like to add that the lipbalm also has a sheen to it, it's like you're wearing a gloss and it runs smooth and soft.
i slapped it on my lips before i go to bed and when i woke up, i can still feel it on my lips, like it won't dry or gone something like that, LOL!
u know what i'm saying right? hahah! i'm so excited i'm not making any sense, probably syrup high! =))
so, thank you for bringing in these fabulous yummiest lipbalms and at affordable price too! makes great gift for family and friends ;)

p/s : girl, i'm telling ya, i'm gonna be 1 of your regular customer from now on! =D
or maybe 2 if my sister adores it too which i'm sure she will ;)"
by Nik Nurhanis


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