Gummy Bear

Description: Just like the little gummy candies. Fruity and sweet!

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- "EXACTLY like gummy bears!! It's sweet and fruity. You can't go wrong with this."
by LuAnn, rating 5/5

- "The perfect tart, fruity balm! To me it smells like blue pixi sticks (which I believe are fruit punch flavored), not any gummy bear that I have ever had, but I'm totally fine with that because it smells soooo good."
by Danielle, rating 5/5

- " Gummy Bear flavour, oh my, i am in love.This is a mixed fruity balm, a real "grab you" flavour.Strong sweet and inviting just like a bag of gummy bears themselves.Just beware you start to crave for the bear when you use this."
by Adelle, rating 5/5

Malaysian Reviews

First time - ugh. Second time - not bad. Third time - yum. Forth and so on - it's LOVE. The smell is strong but as you keep on using it, you cannot live WITHOUT the smell. It's too yummy to resist, not forgetting moisturizing! ;)"by Yuen May, rating 4/5


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