London Fog

Just like the drink-- Earl Grey tea, milk, and vanilla.

Note from Ms. Tanks For 5: I really like this one, because I absolutely adore the scent of Earl Grey tea! It's a really homey scent - my dad used to drink a cup every morning, and I would always take the box and stick my nose in it. That's how much I love Earl Grey ;)

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- " The scent of earl grey tea is definitely present in this balm. the vanilla wasn't as strong for me, but i can sort of make out a milky vanilla smell. i was surprised how well the tea scent was captured as earl grey is more a fruity and herbal tea. very nice. the consistency, of course, is amazing. moisturizing and smooth. the shipping was extremely fast (ordered Sunday night, arrived Wednesday)."
by Eugenia, rating 5/5

- "This is really floral & sweet. I actually just tried Earl gray tea for the first time, & comparing it to the balm, it was VERY accurate. I don't drink milk or sugar in my tea, so that's what the balm had that the tea didn't. But this is a really nice lighter balm."
by Megan, rating 5/5

- "Light cream and delicate Earl Grey made this balm sensational. The scent lingers on my lips for a long time after applying.
I chose this one because I go to a lot of punk clubs, and the smell reminds me of them. If you're feeling a "London Calling," pick it up."
by Heidi, rating 5/5

Malaysian Reviews:

"Really love the texture of this lipbalm, it gives a glossy shine on your lips! Save your lipgloss!"
by Sher Ren, rating 5/5


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