Monkey Farts

Who could resist this customer request?! A mix of Banana, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Bubblegum, Strawberry, and Vanilla!

Note from Ms. Tanks For 5: If you love Cat Pee and Dog Poop, you must, must, MUST have this!!! I insist! :)

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- "This balm smells soooo good. Just like bananas and bubblegum! And it has such a cute name!"
by Samantha, rating 5/5

- "I love this one!!! This balm did not disappoint! I can see why it's one of the favorites. The bubble gum and banana really come through in mine and I just love it. I feel weird telling people the name of it, but it always gets a laugh and then the 'oohs' and 'ahhs' when they smell it, but I'm the lucky one who gets to put it on!"
by Kelly, rating 5/5

- "loved this one but gave it to a friend. she hates anything banana but really liked it cause of the other scents."
by Anne, rating 5/5

Malaysian Reviews
- "
All I can say is bubblegum, vanilla and banana :) But the bubblegum smell is quite strong but a sweet tooth like me would find that very addictive :D"
by Nur Sofia, rating 5/5


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