Rainbow Sherbet

Description: Vanilla Ice Cream, Raspberry, Lime, and Orange make up our version of this popular dessert! Yum!

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- "as a sherbet lover when i was a kid, i can definitely see why people think this smells like rainbow sherbet. it does to an extent. then it mostly smells like skittles. which is still good. i love skittles (without the sugar and stickiness). if you keep smelling, the ice cream smell does present itself. very nice."
by Eugenia, rating 5/5

- "I love this one!!! It is my favorite so far. It smells to like a perfect blend of lime and orange with a hint of ice cream. Such a great flavor for summer."
by Shannon, rating 5/5

- " There's a good reason why so many people love this balm! It's AMAZING! One of my all time favourite MLS balms for sure. It smells EXACTLY like rainbow sherbet. My friend thought it smelled like skittles. It's slightly creamy and perfectly fruity. So so so good."
by Ashley, rating 5/5

Malaysian Reviews

"It glides smoothly and moistures my lips. It has sweet scent and smells like Skittles! :) However, I would prefer it to be less shiny as it really is super shiny and glossy! Makes it a little hard to make the lipstick stays on the lips when applying the lipstick after putting the balm on. It's best to wear the lip balm alone (non-lipstick day)"
by Shyra


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