Marshmallow Krispies

Description: Gooey Marshmallow and crispy rice with a hint of butter make up our version of this popular treat! Stevia sweetener added.

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- "This one is sweet and buttery. I can smell the melted marshmallow, the crispy rice and the salty butter that makes these and I really, really love it. This one is sweetened too, so it's even more like the real thing!"
by Angela, rating 5/5

- "this one is so sweet and good. i love it. so thick and marshmallowy!!"
by Jillanne, rating 5/5

- "This does taste like Marshmallow Krispies--sweet and a little bit buttery. This flavor does its job and goes on its merry way--not a total standout, but very good indeed."
by Vanessa, rating 4/5


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