Strawberries and Champagne

Description: This one smells just like bubbly Champagne mixed with fresh Strawberries.

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- " It smells a lot like Victoria's Secret's Strawberries and Champagne fragrance, and for that reason I like it. However, overall I was slightly disappointed because the smell was very faint."
by Lee, rating 3/5

- "The strawberry is stronger than the champagne in this. It's good, I was expecting it to smell like the Strawberries and Champagne scent from Victoria's Secret, but it's much sweeter and more realistic.

It's like a grown-up strawberry scent. Sweetness, with a sophisticated edge."
by Angela, rating 5/5 

Malaysian Reviews
I tried my Strawberries and Champagne flavored lip balm and surprisingly it is good! Very Moisturizing indeed and different from what I used to buy from other shops. I like it although the overall scent is not very strong. The strawberry scent seems stronger than the champagne scent in comparison. No wonder the name is "Strawberries and Champagne" rather than "Strawberry and Champagne" Katherine

- "
At first it wasn't what I expected but with every use, I grew more fond of it. The smell was very faint and I wouldn't have have it any other way. If it was any stronger it would have given me head aches. Overall, the smell is simply delightful for anyone who thinks less is more. :D"
by Jennifer, rating 4/5


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