Strawberry Shortcake

Description: Yellow Cake topped with fresh Strawberries and Cream.

Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- " Love love love love love this lip balm. It's amazing! Smells just like fresh strawberries with whip cream!!!"
by Samantha, rating 5/5

- "i am totally addicted to this one - definitely one of my favorites. you can taste the cake & strawberries & cream! so good!!!"
by Jillanne, rating 5/5

- "Absolutely delicious - another spot-on scent, how does My Lip Stuff do it?

Fresh strawberries (without that synthetic note most strawberry balms have) sweet whipped cream and cake - my favourite summertime treat in balm form. I can NOT stop sniffing this one!"
by Natalie, rating 5/5


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