Cinnamon Roll

Description: Cake, Cinnamon, Creamy Vanilla and Stevia sweetener make up our version of the yummy ooey gooey cinnamon rolls you eat for breakfast! Stevia sweetened.
Reviews (taken from My Lip Stuff):

- " I can't believe how much this smells and tastes like a real cinnamon roll/bun! Everything I love about the dessert is in this balm and the balm is very moisturizing and soothing to my lips."
by Lisa, rating 5/5

- " I know this is a favorite among the MLS livejournal community, & because of that this was in my very first order ever! It is (was) so so yummy. It smells just like cinnamon rolls. I don't know how you CANT love this one. I lost it though.. haha."
by Megan, rating 5/5

- " The flavor is amazing!!!! smells and tastes just like a cinnamon roll. I can't stop licking it off of my lips. The cinnamon is so real. I love this stiff!"
by Tiffany, rating 5/5


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